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Same day shipping available for all holiday orders!
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Sweet Curly Cares x Assata's Daughters

I have been thinking. Asking for “receipts” from major corporations. Excavating my social circle for biased and anti-black mentalities. For misogynists and homophobic mindsets. It’s not enough. 

It’s not enough here at Sweet Curly Cares to ask other friends and businesses to #pulluporshutup. We must actively support the communities and causes that are educating, nurturing and rehabilitating communities in order for a brighter tomorrow. 

We are introducing Sweet Curly Cares  Sweet Curly x Assata's Daughers Bundle . From now until Labor Day, we will donate 10% of the profits from this bundle to Assata's Daughters. This bundle includes 30 sets of our For Lovely Eyes 24K Gold crystal collagen masks, as well as a thank you card that indicates your donation with purchase. 

Assata’s Daughters believes it is our collective duty to fight for our freedom. As an organization, AD continues to believe in that collective duty to fight for the liberation of Black people "through holistic investment in our young Black people; through the provision of revolutionary services; through inter-generational struggle; through political education; through base-building; through building relationships block by block; through organized and coordinated campaigns against oppressive forces; and through celebrating, exploring, stretching, shattering, re-building, re-creating, and re-imagining who we are and who we can be as people and as community."

I encourage you to learn more about Assata's Daughters here.

I will continue to dedicate space on my platform to education and visibility, as well as committing to being a resource to provide a haven for self-care, health and providing the best quality skin care now and in the future as we continue to grow as a brand powered by people (so far Sweet Curly is a party of one: A Black millennial lady from Los Angeles).