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Shah Granville and her organic, luxury skincare company, Sweet Curly Beauty are both pure radiance from the inside-out. I enjoyed so many aspects of this conversation that I’m finding it hard to put it into words how to summarize all of the magic that was shared in the course of an hour, but I’ll do my best…


Shah does not shy away from the difficult topics of conversation and is very aware of the problems that people of color are facing in our world today. Shah Granville is an actor and producer, born and raised in Los Angeles, she studied Shakespeare at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, as well as the Sanford Meissner technique at UCLA. She holds both film and theatre credits, when she is not on set, she is busy advocating for children’s access to education and women’s empowerment through business literacy with various organizations around the world. Shah is also the founder of Sweet Curly Beauty, a skincare company that focuses on luxury, organic products and reintroducing Black Women into the conversation of skincare, and it is an honor to share her inspiring journey with you today.


Shah is the fourth of five children in her family, she embraces her familial roots, describing it ever so beautifully as a tapestry of heroic women, resilient matriarchs, and mothers rich with spiritual intelligence that fostered their children’s creativity, a heritage holding seventeen generations of ancestral secrets, recognizing motherhood as a gift from God, and I could not agree more. Shah lovingly envisioned her future daughter, with skin the color of the earth and eyes like stars in the night sky; promising to show her where she comes from and teach her just how much she is loved, in hopes that she won’t take long to learn to love herself.


That self-love that Shah describes meant freedom in her own life. Her journey to self-discovery has helped her to identify her values, the meaning of both her yes and her no, and the importance of self-care, beyond the surface of her skin; she focuses on being lit from within and radiating that light out in to the world. Shah believes that every woman should see herself when considering aspirational beauty, and through Sweet Curly Beauty, she is opening up the conversation of skincare to black women. It is no longer a ‘thank you for the invite’, rather black women have a seat at the table, and they should be the center of their Universe, and the Heroin of their story; Sweet Curly is that portal, the return to self.


Shah identifies where the work can be done in order to better our world; adults need to be intentional in dismantling their own biases and decolonizing their bookshelves, systems of education and community funding. However, our children can be the generations of change through better exposure to diversity, as we amplify melanated voices and create value around people of color in business and communities, children will be able to grow up without having to overcompensate for this current state of lack. This is why a huge part of the vision for Sweet Curly Beauty, is to give back to our communities, because Sweet Curly cares; not only does she intend to be a household name, but one that creates a culture of mindfulness and self-love.


Lastly, Shah reminds us to prioritize ourselves in order to reclaim our freedom, as women we play many roles in this world; it is important that we always keep a portion of our truest self with us in our back pocket, to know that she is there supporting us no matter what role we are playing in life.


To follow along with Sweet Curly, you can find her on Instagram – or – online at Shah has generously gifted all of our listeners with 20% off their entire purchase, using code: TRIBE20 at checkout.

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Shah Granville - "Trust Yourself,

You Don’t Need Validation"


Shah Granville, actress and founder of Sweet Curly Beauty, joins us to share how she moved away from the pursuit of perfectionism and into honoring herself for all that she is. We loved listening to her journey of finally betting on herself as she built a career and started a beauty business. 

Listen to the episode now! Click link below.

Topics We Discuss:

  • Betting on Yourself

  • Entrepreneurship

  • The Arts & Acting

  • Spirituality & Faith

In the Episode, We Learn:

  • Growing up, she was inspired by the work of Shakespeare and other masters of the arts.

  • How she handled people telling her that she was not going to get into Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA) to study acting.

  • How she manifested her acceptance to train at RADA and the lessons she learned while there.

  • To stop commenting on yourself and stop watching yourself. You don’t need anyone’s validation.

  • She has consciously moved away from living a results-driven lifestyle in favor of enjoying the process.

  • She was raised with faith and the belief that there was something greater than herself, which started her spiritual journey.

  • How her business, Sweet Curly Beauty, was born and all of the limiting beliefs she overcame around starting a beauty business.

  • How she cultivates self-love.

  • The importance of taking care of your physical body and cultivating a spiritual practice that ebbs and flows as you do.