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Same day shipping available for all holiday orders!
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COVID-19 has stricken the world with unprecedented tragedy. Our way of life has shifted, and the best course of action is to stay at home or shelter in place. No doubt, after the quarantine has lifted, our way of life will be different. 

Many citizens of the world have used this time to rest, regenerate and reevaluate parts of their lives that no longer serve them. That is the first step to self care. However, a portion of our global community has not been afforded that aspect of the quarantine. We may not have their individual names, but collectively these heroes are known as our ESSENTIAL WORKERS. The grocers, doctors, delivery drivers, nurses, essential business staff, clinical staff, and those on the front lines every day risking their lives, so that we can preserve our own. 

As a thank you, for the month of May, Sweet Curly Cares, our charitable initiative to give back to those who serve our community, will launch our first campaign: Mother's Day x Essential Workers. For every Mother's Day Bundle sold, Sweet Curly Cares will donate one box of our For Lovely Eyes 24K Gold Crystal Collagen Eye Gel Masks set to an essential worker. In the hopes of making surprise deliveries to those in the essential sector!

But I need your help! Do you know someone who is an essential worker? An unsung hero? Someone who is working on the front lines every day? Maybe they could use a stay-a-home spa day, or maybe you just want to life their name up in the light of goodness? Please email HELLOSWEETCURLY@GMAIL.COM to tell me about your hero or an entire staff/group that you would like to recognize. In addition to recognizing them here, we will be sure to get For Lovely Eyes into their hands!


For lovely eyes, seek out the good in people. 


Founder, Sweet Curly Cares