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Same day shipping available for all holiday orders!
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Sweet Curly Beauty now on POST21


We are happy to announce For Lovely Eyes will now be carried on POST21!

Post 21 was created by a Mother-Daughter duo who for years, wanted a comprehensive marketplace that focused on modern and design forward products from black-owned businesses. While the discovery process of some of their favorite products was always an exciting one, they felt strongly that there’s no reason why these products are consistently being discovered when they should be household names. So, they said let’s create the place we want to shop. 


Black Wall Street in Tulsa, Oklahoma’s Greenwood District was one of the United States’ most prosperous Black communities until May 31, 1921, when 35 city blocks were set on fire killing 300 people and injuring 800. The innovative, sophisticated, and game changing ideas of “Black Wall Street” entrepreneurs, a drive that cannot ever be burned down or driven out, continues to live in Black entrepreneurs today.

We see today, and every day since May 31,1921 as Post 1921. Standing on the shoulders of those who have come before us, we are ready to do what we have traditionally done – in a new and exciting way!

We at Sweet Curly are delighted to join this exciting new online marketplace redefining what it means to support our community, and how we show up for each other!




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