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Same day shipping available for all holiday orders!
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More on Sweet Curly Cares

Our Gel Masks get their name from a classic notion “For lovely eyes seek out the good in people.” As we began to sell our product and get feedback from our customers, we realized there is still a need in many communities for affordable self-care. We wondered how we could give back. Before I could begin to roll out our charitable venture, Sweet Curly Cares, COVID-19 struck.


Like most business owners, I took a step back. Tried to protect my company that I worked so hard to launch. But fearlessness and vulnerability allows the heart to open. I knew it was time to focus on the women who supported Sweet Curly from day one. I created a simple Mother’s Day discounted bundle: the BOGO Bundle 2-Pack. We hoped daughters and lovers would buy one to wear and one to share for the mothers out there! But I knew we could do more.


With so many selfless heroes on the front lines of this pandemic, we introduced our MAY BOGO x ESSENTIAL WORKER BUNDLE. For every bundle sold, we committed to donating one box of our For Lovely Eyes to a first responder or essential worker! We asked our community, our network and our followers to nominate those essential workers. This took off.  After hearing so many stories of selflessness, struggle, immense loss, and unity, I knew Sweet Curly Cares had to do more. We would select from 2 communities: hospital staff, a post office workers, delivery people, and give them a Sweet Curly Cares Care Package!  


Our care package now includes designer face masks (with n95 option), gourmet coffee, sleep masks, and several boxes of our For Lovely Eyes 24K Gold gel masks. 


There is still time to nominate an essential worker or first responder staff! 


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